Cultural visits at Ubucon

Cultural visits at Ubucon

  • July 11, 2019

Sintra is a magical and mysterious place, filled with castles, palaces, and monasteries with hundreds of years of history!
With that in mind, we want to invite all the Ubucon visitors, volunteers, sponsors, and their families to join us and to get to know Sintra a little bit better on the days preceding Ubucon Europe.

All the entrances are entirely free!

We are also working on arranging free transportation to the landmarks, but this is not sure yet, and we will keep you posted.

Lunch and drinks will need to be arranged by yourselves during and in between the visits, we can probably find a restaurant where we can all go, or, if you want to, bring your lunch is also a possibility since there are lots of parks to eat around the landmarks.

Here is our plan for landmarks that we want to arrange a visit:

Monday, 7th of October:

Tuesday, 8th of October

Wednesday, 9th of October

In order to know how many people would like to visit the various places, we want to ask you to register here.

We hope that you can join us and enrich your experience during your Ubucon visit.

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