Partnership with “Chalet 12”: coworking space and Ubucon Europe warm-up party!

Partnership with “Chalet 12”: coworking space and Ubucon Europe warm-up party!

  • September 19, 2019

Have you still not finished your presentation for Ubucon Europe and need a quiet place to work on the slides?

Perhaps you need to push some code to your favorite opensource projects and you need a place to focus?

We are happy to announce that we have got some sweet deals with “Chalet 12” to provide a shared co-working space within a 5 minutes walk from the Ubucon Europe event.

“Chalet 12” is a romantic chalet from the early XX century, it provides meeting and event rooms, private offices, kitchen and dining room, several living rooms, a makerspace, a garden, and terraces, are spread over 4 floors, overlooking the palace and castle that are part of the Unesco World Heritage Site of Sintra.

You can find more information about the space on the Chalet 12 website @

These are the daily prices for hotdesks, special for Ubucon Europe speakers and attendees, these are all subject to availability and we advise to book them in advance to reserve your place:

Cowork Nomad for Ubucon Europe speakers: 5€+VAT

Cowork Nomad for Ubucon Europe visitors: 7,5€+VAT

You can make your hotdesk reservation on the following link:

“Chalet 12” is also organizing the Ubucon Europe warm-up party!

This is a dinner starting at 19:00 on the 9th of October on the “Chalet 12” space.

The menu comprises of meat and vegetarian dish, non-alcoholic drink and desert. Everything for 12€ per person and the place has max capacity for 35 people, the link will be available on the 24th of September, stay tuned.

See you at the warm-up party!

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